Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purificup is Saying Congratulations...

To the winner of the grand finale week of the Spring into Adventure Gear Giveaway, Maggie C.!!

She won an awesome prize pack with tons of cool outdoor gear, including a Purificup system.  We are excited that she'll be supplied with a Purificup system for all her backcountry, outdoor travels and adventures.  To see a complete list of winners and what they won click HERE.

If you would like to see what makes our products stand out and why we think everyone should own a Purificup, be sure to visit our website to view a short instructional video and find out where you can purchase a system today.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purificup Included In The Spring Into Adventure Gear Giveaway

This week is the final week of the "Spring into Adventure Gear Giveaway."  The Gear Giveaway is the product of six blogs partnering to give some great outdoor gear to their readers. Over the last four weeks there have been many who have entered and some who have won some great gear prize packages.  Each week has had a theme and this week, the final week, the theme is Backcountry. 

We are excited to see who wins the grand prize package this week as a Purificup water filtration system is among the many great products included this week!

One of the blogs that is sponsoring the Gear Giveaway, MyLifeOutdoors.com, wrote a great "backpacker's perspective" review of the Purificup system.  You can view it HERE.

You still have plenty of time to enter the Giveaway! But don't wait... this is the last week to be a winner and the prize package this week is amazing. Click HERE to find out how to enter and to see what you can win this week!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Safer Travels With Purificup

It's true...Purificup is great for when you are heading outdoors into the wilderness, where water can rarely be found flowing from a faucet.  But have you thought of other travel situations in which Purificup may be the answer to a safer travel experience?

The article below highlights a common problem people encounter when they travel abroad to foreign countries and water sources are not always reliable and safe.  


Whether you are a student studying abroad for the semester or a vacationer seeing the sights Purificup is your answer to safe drinking water no matter where your compass may take you!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Purificup Website Launch

Purificup strives to bring you the best quality products and customer service possible and we just launched our new website to help us do both those things for you.  

The new site features an easier to navigate layout that allows you to find information about our products even faster.  We love our products and want you to fall in love with them too. 

You can browse through all of the Purificup products and find which one suits your lifestyle needs best, as well as where you can find a Purificup system in a store near you.  There is a community section where you can find product updates as well as outside reviews and videos.  We have included a Frequently Asked Questions section to make sure that you know exactly what our product does and how it does it, as well as, how safe it makes drinking water wherever you may be. 
It is our sincerest hope that you find all the information you are looking for and decide that our product is what you have always been searching for.