Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Omega Man Journal Puts PurifiCup® to The Test

The man behind The Omega Man Journal believes strongly that having access to clean water is necessary in emergencies AND in everyday life.  Recently he received a  PurifiCup®  to test and review.

He decided that just seeing and tasting wasn't enough to know that  PurifiCup®   really is all it says it is.  Going above and beyond, he tested the water, after filtration, for these things: chlorine level, the cloudiness of the water, color of the water and bacteria level.

Here is what he found:
  • There was a 97% reduction of the chlorine level in the water sample.
  • There was a 75% reduction in the cloudiness of the water, or the particles you can see suspended in the water.
  • There was a 63% reduction of the color of the water
  • Finally, after sending the water to an independent lab, there was a slight drop in the bacteria level. This may not seem impressive but when you look closer at the remaining bacteria they are not multiplying any longer meaning that the bacteria is not active and they are not able to cause disease. The  PurifiCup®  made the sample significantly safer to drink.
To read the full report in The Omega Man Journal please click HERE.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a  PurifiCup® you are gaining access to clean, safe drinking water no matter what situations you may find yourself in.  To purchase your own  PurifiCup®  water filtration system or to find more information click HERE.

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