Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide

by Gumption Gear Reviews

Come holiday season, we all strive to get the outdoor enthusiast in our lives the perfect gift.  However, we all know that these same passionate lovers of outdoors adventure can be notoriously difficult to shop for – they seem to have the nicest gear, never drop subtle hints about what they want, and never complain about what they wish they had.  Fear not friends, we've got you covered with a list of gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.  All coming in at under $60, these gifts aren't just gumption tested and gumption approved, they might just be the perfect stocking stuffers.

PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier…A solid lightweight, self containing filter that does it’s job without disappointment time and again.  Easy to use in the field, this reliable micro filter transforms random water sources into thirst-quenching satisfaction throughout long treks or backpacking trips.  Exclusive 3-stage filter technology means that PurifiCup eliminates more than 600 kinds of bacteria, providing safe and clean drinking water.  So whether the outdoor enthusiast in your life loves adventure in the deep backwoods, or just spends a lot of time at busy terminals waiting to catch the next flight home, PurifiCup consistently provides water that’s crisp, pure and worry-free. 

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PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Natural Disaster Survival Tips - by Doctor Marie J. Miczak

Living in the path of Hurricane Sandy (and last year, Irene), has been a serious wake-up call.  While the main foci of my blog is cross training and fitness, this recent natural disaster has given me quite a few relative talking points.

Rely on Your Own Power

Strengthen Your Immune System

Be Prepared: Food,  Water Warm Clothing 

You don't need to purchase bottled water.  You can fill any bottle with filtered water and it will keep for several weeks.  Another option is to invest in a water BOB for your bathtub. You can fill it up and dispense as needed.  Just make sure to have 2 gallons per person per day for drinking and washing needs.  If you are not sure about your water supply's safety, consider boiling your water for 5 minutes or invest in a PurifiCup Portable Water Filtration System.
If you have to relocate to a shelter or a holding center, you can bring your Purificup with you. Having safe, pure water to drink during an emergency is a very important step towards staying healthy.  Likewise hypothermia is more apt to be a problem if you are dehydrated.

Warm Clothing

Right now I'm keeping an eye on the next storm.  When the barometer starts falling, that's when you know trouble is brewing in the atmosphere. My prayers and heart go out to all of my NY/NJ neighbors who are still struggling with power outages, fallen debris and all manner of deprivation.  Some have lost their homes, over 100 people have lost their lives due to this storm.  Be safe all and God bless.

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PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier