Friday, October 19, 2012

PurifiCup® Now in India

PurifiCup is deeply committed to the idea that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, not only in North America but globally too.  Many companies and organizations do great work to bring clean, reliable water sources to people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.  PurifiCup applauds these efforts by others.  In an effort to do our part globally,
we are excited to announce that our product is being made available to the people of India.

Our partnership with the PRACSOL Health Group is an integral part in making PurifiCup filtration systems available to the people of India.  With their help, we are able to offer our state of the art, easy to use, compact and convenient water filtration systems to a large population of people, many of whom may not have the easiest access to clean drinking water.

India's economy is booming but most of its population has little to no access to clean water.  Dirt, bacteria and chemicals are just a few of the things that are lurking in India's unclean water. As people continue to drink this unclean water they get sick and pass illness to family members and friends.  Imagine how much safer the water would be after it filters through a PurifiCup water filtration system's Exclusive nano-silver Membrane filter!  99.99% of all the bacteria would be gone and that means less people getting sick and passing illness to one another.

We are excited to be able to offer this affordable technology to a whole population of people who are desperately in need of safer and cleaner drinking water.  To read more about how PurifiCup filtration systems work, please click HERE.

PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Know It Works But Do Others?

We know that PurifiCup is the best water filtration system out there on the market today but it is nice to know that others are finding the same results.

In the Fall 2012 Outdoor Sports Guide, PurifiCup was featured in an article titled, "Does It Work?"  We are excited that they loved all the things that make PurifiCup great.  Features like the compact size, ability to filter into water bottles and ease of use were just a few of the things that the reviewer loved about the product.  You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

There are so many uses for the PurifiCup, whether you are an outdoorsman or a parent looking for a way to provide clean drinking water for your family in an emergency situation.  Visit  our website to find out which PurifiCup filtration system is best suited for your needs and where to buy yours today!
PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy Some Tap Water?

From CNBC NEWS Blog:

One of the most brilliant business plans ever: Selling New York City tap water.

I know! You wish you’d thought of it, am I right?!

What’s more, they want you to bring your own container! Hello, how low-overhead is that?

The company — the Molecule Project — actually takes New York City tap water, which New Yorkers will argue to death is already some of the best water around (save for the 100 year-old pipes that deliver it) and run it through a $20,000 pharmaceutical-grade filter. It’s an eight-step filtering process that is more thorough at removing contaminants than a Residential filter (Ruhf is insulted at the very comparison) and even better than home filtration systems to make water “soft.” My dad used to brag to anyone who dared enter our house about our “reverse osmosis” system from Culligan that got it down to 6 ppm — parts per million.

Ruhf wouldn’t specify how many ppm their filtered tap water is other than to say, “Our PPM is better than your dad’s. It’s by far less than 6 ppm.”

Their intentions are a little more noble than “Hey, buddy, wanna buy some tap water?”
“We have an increasing level of contamination nationally and internationally and it grew out of concern for what I was drinking,” Ruhf said, adding that they were inspired by the water stores in California and wanted to bring a variation on that idea to New York.

Read the full Article from

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