Friday, May 25, 2012

PurifiCup® filtrates directly into Popular Large Sports Bottles

World-patented  PurifiCup®  Filtrates directly into most popular large sports bottles such as camelbak, nalgene and many other generic sports bottles too.

Providing you safe, pure drinking water with just about any portable water containers. 

*Nalgene, CamelBAK are registered trademark of it's respected owner.


  1. What a Cool product! defiantly gonna get one now.

  2. Done some research on this new product before I bought one. found quit a few positive reviews among outdoors community, some hikers gave really high regards for its light weight around 11 oz, and versatility to use it with different bottles including its own cup that seals to carry. I think its a must have for travelers! especially if you travel abroad.

  3. I really enjoy the portability of this product! I bought two, one for my wife and I, we are avid hikers and campers. With this portable filter I am worry free when it comes to water. It really takes off the extra 10 pounds water adds.

  4. I loved taking mine with me to Elbrus - kept me strong and healthy in spite of water so bad the guides recommend you bring your own up with you.