Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

May the New Year Brings Ever Lasting Peace and Joy to Everyone in the World ♥ 

Happy New Year 2013 Y'All !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Outdoor Fitness Gift Ideas by Dr. Marie J Miczak

Gifts for the outdoor freak on your list!

The TOP gift guide for people who love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, cycling in the great outdoors!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Win a Signed & Personalized copy of The Survival Mom™ Book!

PurifiCup®  is Proud to Sponsor this terrific holiday giveaway of 5 signed  and personalized copies of Survival Mom, the book.

"PurifiCup is a new sponsor, with a product that I’ve found to be effective and important to survival" ~ Lisa Bedford

It’s easy to enter this Rafflecopter** giveaway. You can ‘Like’ PurifiCup® on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, leave a couple different types of comments here on the blog, and Like’ and follow Survival Mom. If you are already a Liker or a Twitter follower, great! Just be sure to click on those selections in the Rafflecopter form.

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 16, and winners will be notified the following day. We will mail your book to you! Good Luck Everyone!

Our gratitude and Respect to Lisa Bedford, the award winning author &  #1 Amazon Best seller! "Thank You" - The PurifiCup® Team.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide

by Gumption Gear Reviews

Come holiday season, we all strive to get the outdoor enthusiast in our lives the perfect gift.  However, we all know that these same passionate lovers of outdoors adventure can be notoriously difficult to shop for – they seem to have the nicest gear, never drop subtle hints about what they want, and never complain about what they wish they had.  Fear not friends, we've got you covered with a list of gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.  All coming in at under $60, these gifts aren't just gumption tested and gumption approved, they might just be the perfect stocking stuffers.

PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier…A solid lightweight, self containing filter that does it’s job without disappointment time and again.  Easy to use in the field, this reliable micro filter transforms random water sources into thirst-quenching satisfaction throughout long treks or backpacking trips.  Exclusive 3-stage filter technology means that PurifiCup eliminates more than 600 kinds of bacteria, providing safe and clean drinking water.  So whether the outdoor enthusiast in your life loves adventure in the deep backwoods, or just spends a lot of time at busy terminals waiting to catch the next flight home, PurifiCup consistently provides water that’s crisp, pure and worry-free. 

Other idea? Go to Gumption Gear Review's 2012-holiday stocking staffers guide

PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Natural Disaster Survival Tips - by Doctor Marie J. Miczak

Living in the path of Hurricane Sandy (and last year, Irene), has been a serious wake-up call.  While the main foci of my blog is cross training and fitness, this recent natural disaster has given me quite a few relative talking points.

Rely on Your Own Power

Strengthen Your Immune System

Be Prepared: Food,  Water Warm Clothing 

You don't need to purchase bottled water.  You can fill any bottle with filtered water and it will keep for several weeks.  Another option is to invest in a water BOB for your bathtub. You can fill it up and dispense as needed.  Just make sure to have 2 gallons per person per day for drinking and washing needs.  If you are not sure about your water supply's safety, consider boiling your water for 5 minutes or invest in a PurifiCup Portable Water Filtration System.
If you have to relocate to a shelter or a holding center, you can bring your Purificup with you. Having safe, pure water to drink during an emergency is a very important step towards staying healthy.  Likewise hypothermia is more apt to be a problem if you are dehydrated.

Warm Clothing

Right now I'm keeping an eye on the next storm.  When the barometer starts falling, that's when you know trouble is brewing in the atmosphere. My prayers and heart go out to all of my NY/NJ neighbors who are still struggling with power outages, fallen debris and all manner of deprivation.  Some have lost their homes, over 100 people have lost their lives due to this storm.  Be safe all and God bless.

Read Dr. Marie J. Miczak's Blog to be prepared! 

PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Friday, October 19, 2012

PurifiCup® Now in India

PurifiCup is deeply committed to the idea that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, not only in North America but globally too.  Many companies and organizations do great work to bring clean, reliable water sources to people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.  PurifiCup applauds these efforts by others.  In an effort to do our part globally,
we are excited to announce that our product is being made available to the people of India.

Our partnership with the PRACSOL Health Group is an integral part in making PurifiCup filtration systems available to the people of India.  With their help, we are able to offer our state of the art, easy to use, compact and convenient water filtration systems to a large population of people, many of whom may not have the easiest access to clean drinking water.

India's economy is booming but most of its population has little to no access to clean water.  Dirt, bacteria and chemicals are just a few of the things that are lurking in India's unclean water. As people continue to drink this unclean water they get sick and pass illness to family members and friends.  Imagine how much safer the water would be after it filters through a PurifiCup water filtration system's Exclusive nano-silver Membrane filter!  99.99% of all the bacteria would be gone and that means less people getting sick and passing illness to one another.

We are excited to be able to offer this affordable technology to a whole population of people who are desperately in need of safer and cleaner drinking water.  To read more about how PurifiCup filtration systems work, please click HERE.

PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Know It Works But Do Others?

We know that PurifiCup is the best water filtration system out there on the market today but it is nice to know that others are finding the same results.

In the Fall 2012 Outdoor Sports Guide, PurifiCup was featured in an article titled, "Does It Work?"  We are excited that they loved all the things that make PurifiCup great.  Features like the compact size, ability to filter into water bottles and ease of use were just a few of the things that the reviewer loved about the product.  You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

There are so many uses for the PurifiCup, whether you are an outdoorsman or a parent looking for a way to provide clean drinking water for your family in an emergency situation.  Visit  our website to find out which PurifiCup filtration system is best suited for your needs and where to buy yours today!
PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy Some Tap Water?

From CNBC NEWS Blog:

One of the most brilliant business plans ever: Selling New York City tap water.

I know! You wish you’d thought of it, am I right?!

What’s more, they want you to bring your own container! Hello, how low-overhead is that?

The company — the Molecule Project — actually takes New York City tap water, which New Yorkers will argue to death is already some of the best water around (save for the 100 year-old pipes that deliver it) and run it through a $20,000 pharmaceutical-grade filter. It’s an eight-step filtering process that is more thorough at removing contaminants than a Residential filter (Ruhf is insulted at the very comparison) and even better than home filtration systems to make water “soft.” My dad used to brag to anyone who dared enter our house about our “reverse osmosis” system from Culligan that got it down to 6 ppm — parts per million.

Ruhf wouldn’t specify how many ppm their filtered tap water is other than to say, “Our PPM is better than your dad’s. It’s by far less than 6 ppm.”

Their intentions are a little more noble than “Hey, buddy, wanna buy some tap water?”
“We have an increasing level of contamination nationally and internationally and it grew out of concern for what I was drinking,” Ruhf said, adding that they were inspired by the water stores in California and wanted to bring a variation on that idea to New York.

Read the full Article from

You can have safe, fresh & Best Tasting Drinking Water Any where with PurifiCup Portable TAP Water Purifier !

Monday, September 17, 2012

Best Picks Magazine - Dr. Marie J. Miczak

Planning Your Cabin Vacation:

Pure Water

One of the challenges every traveler faces is whether or not to drink the local water.  You'd be surprised at what passes for potability but suffice it to say, it's not going to taste like what you drink at home.  Many parks and resorts use well water, so the quality will vary from place to place.  We bypassed that by simply bringing a PurifiCup® portable water filtration system and had all the pure water we wanted for drinking and cooking.  It really worked fantastically and made both our water-bottles and meals taste so much better.

The image on the right showing Dr. Miczak using the World Patented PurifiCup to filter directly into the popular 20 oz insulated Klean Kanteen. 

Check out more images of PurifiCup working with camelbak, nalgene and many other sports bottles too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PurifiCup Usage Recommendations

One tip we like to share, when using PurfiCup from the Natural water sources to avoid any chances of contamination. Please see attached 2 images with notations, when using the Cup in between your trips, it should be pack this way to avoid untreated water to contaminate your “Sealed drinking Cup” . (see pictures) and below:

1. Design: Please see 2 Images, the smaller cup which collects the Filtered Clean water with a Seal cap to be carried. By design, the filter Housing does Not screw on the Drinking Cup; As you can see by-design the filter housing only screws into the Larger cup (the one you use to Scoop un-treated dirty water). Our engineers had already thought of such issue that’s why the design does not allow you to Screw the Filter housing to the Drinking Cup. PurifiCup is designed for user to obtain drinking water and Store water as you would as a Bottle.
2. Recommendations: For the users that may want to pack the PurifiCup back into single unit right after each use. Our suggestion is to Shake off the excess water, or rinse off the tip of the housing with clean water. Furthermore, if users are still worry about drops of water been in the cup, We recommend to Run the water thru again to be sure every drop is purified thru the Silver Membrane.

PurifiCup® Personal Water Purifier - providing portable, Safe & Clean drinking water anywhere!

Friday, September 7, 2012

PurifiCup® Now Available in Canada

Amazon Canada the world's largest online retailer, is now offering the revolutionary       PurifiCup® water purifier. 

The PurifiCup® unique invention represents the first innovation in personal water filtration in decades. 

The Award Winning & World Patented Designoffers a convenient and portable means of having access to pure water anywhere in the world, on the go, without the need for boiling water or adding purification tablets. It’s an essential component of any emergency preparedness kit and it’s ideal for those who travel extensively. From outdoor enthusiasts to missionaries in third-world countries, PurifiCup® places clean drinking water at their disposal. 

The PurifiCup® is lightweight and compact, and easily fits in handbags, backpacks, and carry-on luggage. The self-contained filtering system requires no attachments or hoses, and easily fits on a standard water bottle. The cup and filters are constructed of FDA approved materials.

The patented design utilizes a three-stage nano-silver membrane that destroys up to 99.99 % of bacteria, parasites and a wide array of pathogens that includes E. coli , Giardia and Crypto. Depending on the model, Each filter may provides up to12 - 24 gallons of pure water.

The cup also acts as its own storage vessel, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Our Patented design also allow users to filter directly into Popular Large Sports Bottles such as Nalgene, CamelBAK and most other generic bottles! Providing versatile options for everyone!

The three-stage filtering system begins with an ion exchange resin that removes heavy metals and calcareous materials that includes mercury, cadmium, lead, copper and magnesium. The second stage of the filter is activated carbon, that’s long been recognized for its ability to remove chlorine, organic solvents, odors and pesticides. Combined with the silver membrane, the cup eliminates virtually any pollutant to which users could be exposed.

Both & offers the PurifiCup® in 2 different models – green and purple for the Natural Water sources; orange for TAP water design for travelers. Replacement silver membrane filters for both models are also available.

The PurifiCup® represents a radical advance in personal water purification technology that provides a source of pure water anywhere in the world. It is an ideal solution for those who work and volunteer in potentially dangerous locales, including reporters, rescue workers, missionaries and corporate employees in foreign lands, as well as outdoor enthusiasts and victims of natural disasters. An integral part of any home or emergency preparedness kit, the PurifiCup® offers state-of-the-art technology for pure water on the go.

For more information, visit the official PurifiCup® website at

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Picks Magazine - Best First-Aid Travel Kit by Dr. Marie J. Miczak

Best Travel Medical Kit is the one you keep at all time!
Let's face it. The best first-aid kit in the world is useless if it is sitting at home when you actually need it. Worse yet is when you do take one, the essentials may be there but something to help you get home is not in the kit! Read what Doctor Miczak's picks of what to pack in your Emergency kits to get you Home!

On My Bicycle I'm going to recommend an Ultralight / Watertight Adventure Medical Kit for most of your core first-aid needs.

Car TroubleI keep a separate EMS First Responders Bag in my trunk

Summer to Fall You'll want to include seasonal supplies.

Extra Medical Supplies - I like compact products that do double duties...

Bring the H2O

We don't think of including water in a first-aid kit but it is really important to keep a few bottles with you and a way to filter more if needed  PurifiCup® makes a very compact system for sterilizing natural water in the outback and one for tap water you would encounter in your hotel room or cruise ship. With these tips, you'll find you'll be better prepared for most emergencies that can arise while traveling.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

National Preparedness Month!

PurifiCup®  is proud to sponsor the Survival Mom™ to support the National Preparedness Month! The Survival Mom™ is kicking off a Bonanza of events for a month long party! Be sure to join in. 

There will be a 24-Hour Giveaway on September 5th :  Yep, this giveaway lasts only 24 hours but has an awesome prize: a PurifiCup® Water Filter, perfect for purifying water anytime, anywhere.

See more info and sign up @ The Survival Mom™ Blog 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

Are you Traveling this Long weekend?                                                                           Be sure to have Safe/Clean Drinking Water for the Road!

Friday, August 31, 2012

The UK Prepper Radio Network: After The Show

We hope you enjoyed Friday's UK Prepper Radio Network broadcast as much as we did.  If you missed it you can listen here: Listen to the show Review on PurifiCup from 51:11 -54:15 ]  

The host, Tom Linden, had nothing but the best to say about PurifiCup.  Not only does he like our portable water filter, he recommends it to all outdoors types of people as well as all preppers.

"The truth is, I think it's fantastic!...The proof is that I'm still here and not in a hospital ward...I tested it, first time, at a dirty, brown-colored, water fowl, feces infested lake... I drank 2 cups." 
- Tom Linden                 
Learn more about our products and where you can get your own visit our website by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The UK Prepper Radio Network : PurifiCup®

Featured in this week's The UK Preppers Radio Show by the Preppers Podcast Radio Network. The Station contacted our UK distributor, and obtained a PurifiCup to be tested by a few seasoned Survival Instructors. Be sure to Tune in this Friday 8/31 Evening at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

Host, Mr. Tom Linden and other Survival Specialist to talk about their PurifiCup Experiences.

This week I have another show packed full if information and ideas, I start this week with:
    ⇒Listen To The Prepper Podcast
  • What is up with 2012?
  • Psychology of Survival,
  • Evading trackers,
  • Basic survival skills,
  • Getting along with difficult people,
  • Disaster Prepping hits the mainstream,
  • Prepping for the What Ifs and the Oh Nos!,
  • The Food for a Survival Camping Menu, Survival.
  • The Wilderness Gathering
  • Review of the PurifiCup 51:11 -- 54:15 ]   

Monday, August 27, 2012

Search & Rescue Team Commander - Review by the PROS!

We know that PurifiCup is amazing and a must have for any emergency or outdoors kit.  However, we don't want you to just take our word for it so we have given some experts a PurifiCup filtration system to test out.

Our latest expert review was done by Paul Falavito, who is Chief of EMS and Search & Rescue commander.  He is well aware of how important clean water can be in disaster situations as well as when you are going out into the outdoors. Here is what Paul had to say about our product:

"PurifiCup is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.  It's lightweight, easy to carry design and self containment make this a no brainer for any backpack, glove compartment, or emergency response kit. I have put this product to the test with our Search & Rescue Team and local Emergency Disaster Response Team and found that clean, reliable water has never been easier to obtain with PurifiCup."

- Paul Falavolito - Board Member - Pennsylvania SAR Council, Search & Rescue Team Commander, Board Member - NASAR, Chief of EMS

Paul also did a video review of how user friendly the PurifiCup really is:


Read  Paul Falavolito's Blog

Saturday, August 25, 2012

WHAT is the PurifiCup® ?

It is a patented Portable Water Filtration System that eliminates over 600 kinds of bacteria from Fresh water Such as E.Coli, Giardia, & Cryptosporidium micro contaminants. It provides safe, clean worry free drinking water for the outdoor enthusiast i.e. hunters, hikers, campers, boaters, anglers as well as for domestic & international traveling.  It also reduce fluoride, chlorine and other organic odor including THM, organic solvent, and pesticides.

Our Patented design also allow users to filter directly into Popular Large Sports Bottles such as Nalgene, CamelBAK and most other generic bottles! 

Providing versatile options for everyone!

Learn more at 
Like us on Facebook

*Nalgene, CamelBAK are registered trademark of it's respected owner.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Search ONE Rescue Team - Review from the PROS!

The entire staff at PurifiCup has been very excited the past couple days!
The reason for all the excitement are the great reviews that we have received from some of the industrie's top professionals.

Search One was established in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1983. The Search One Rescue Team is available to assist any official governmental agency with the location of lost or missing persons. This includes missing children, elderly walk-a-ways, suicidal persons, human remains, disaster victims, and many other types of searches. With over 25 years of service and hundreds of search missions, Search One Rescue Team is recognized nationally as a leader in the search and rescue community.  The team knows how instrumental having a clean, dependable and reliable water filtration system is.
Here is what Search One member had to say about our product....

“I have evaluated the PurifiCup for use by our search and rescue team and found it to be both easy to use and very portable. Highly recommend it for anyone who regularly ventures away from a reliable water source.”

Paul A. Lake - Board of Directors - National Association of Search and Rescue Council (NASAR) Founder / Executive Director - Search One Rescue Team 

We are very thankful to Paul and his team for what they do, how they serve and for giving the PurifiCup a thorough testing!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Packing It In

Packing everything up isn't always the problem, it's trying to get everything back home. Room is always so precious and it can be hard to leave any smidgen for gifts picked up along the way, but what's really been of help are things that come in their own compact packages.

Read's full article.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Picks Magazine: Your Best First-Aid Travel Kit

Bring the H2O
We don't think of including water in a first-aid kit but it is really important to keep a few bottles with you and a way to filter more if needed.  August is National Water Quality Month so this is a good time to learn more about pure water benefits.

Water Travel 
If you are going to be on the water, kayaking, canoeing, a fishing vessel or sailing a larger watercraft, you can pack a marine specific kit like the one above. You can take along your anti-nausea medications just in case and add it to the medical kit but most marine kits already have that one covered.  Also whether on land or water, you should keep a water purifier with you as well.   
Purificup makes a very compact system for sterilizing natural water in the outback and one for tap water you would encounter in your hotel room or cruise ship. With these tips, you'll find you'll be better prepared for most emergencies that can arise while traveling. 

Read  Best Picks Magazine by Dr. Marie's Full article.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Visit Us At The Outdoor Reatiler Expo

Going to be in the Salt Lake area the 1st week of August?  If you are, come and visit us at the largest outdoor product and goods show in the US. 
We are extremely excited to have a booth and spot at this prestigious event and even more excited to show off the PurifiCup! 

The show grounds are quite large so to help you out, here is a PDF of the grounds.  We will be exhibiting the 1st day of "Open Air Demo Day", so be sure to stop by and visit.
The PurifiCup booth will be D160, and we will be outside on the lake front to show and demonstrate live just how amazing this water filtration system really is, so make sure to stop by!

As always, stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We will be posting, tweeting and shooting out as many pictures as we can from the show.
Hope to meet you there.

New Products at Bed Bath & Beyond

TAP Water Purifier

Natural Water Purifier
Now Available at
TAP Water Purifier

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sending Care Packages

Care packages are something that seem welcome almost any time of year but especially now as so many are away at sleep away camp or making their way back to school campuses. After talking to many getting ready or already there the top wish was a simple box of goodies through the mail. 

PurifiCup which is an ingenious little device that filters tap water and makes it taste delicious. It also removes 99% of bacteria which can really cut down on getting sick, something always very scary when away from home (and mom!). 

Read Gave's Article.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studio Shots of PurifiCup filtrates into Popular Sports Bottles

PurifiCup filters into camelBAK bottle
PurifiCup filters into camelBAK bottle

PurifiCup filters into the popular nalegen

Also fits HydroFlask & most popular wide mouth sports Bottles too!

*Nalgene, CamelBAK are registered trademark of it's respected owner.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday USA!

In response to  Prepper Central recent review of the PurifiCup® and in celebration of our great nations birthday.
PurifiCup® joints the Prepper Central Community to a giveaway to a lucky reader.
Here is what you need to do.....
Go to Prepper