Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portable water purifiers aren’t just for survivalists!

If you’re not a hard-core survivalist with a fully equipped, off-grid bunker, you might not think that a water purifier is for you. After all, every time you turn on the tap, you get all the water you could possibly need.
However, water is a funny thing. Next to air, it’s the most important element of survival but it’s easily tainted by bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants, and the worst part is — you don’t realize they’re there until it’s too late!
So, who might need a water purifier, especially one that’s portable?

1.  Babies!

If your infant is drinking formula, you want to use the purist water possible, no matter where you are. Additionally, fluoridated water can cause white spots on those beautiful baby teeth. Some water purifiers reduce the amount of fluoride, but not all. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website or product insert. (The PurifiCup does reduce fluoride in water.)

2.  Backpackers

A lightweight, portable purifier insures pure, healthy water no matter how far off the path you wander! Even the clearest looking lake water can contain nasty bacteria. Better safe than sorry.

3.  Road trippers

Not all water everywhere is equally pure. To be on the safe side, a portable water filter stored in the glove compartment will help keep you and your family hydrated without worrying about local water conditions.

4.  World travelers

No one wants to ever find themselves in a faraway location desperately seeking a toilet! A small water purifier, tucked away in suitcase or day bag will make sure you have good memories of every trip!

5.  Cruisers

Does the Carnival cruise ship, the Triumph, ring a bell? A small portable water filter would have helped those unhappy cruisers who were worried about the safety of their drinking water.

purificup 26.  The Paranoid Mom/Dad

 If you’ve given serious thought to wrapping your child in heavy duty bubble wrap before they go out to play, you just might want to also consider having a portable water purifier on hand! After all, when your kid works up a really good sweat, they’re going to want something to drink, so it might as well be the healthiest water possible.

7.  The fitness nut

Anyone who spends hours at the gym and studies the contents of every food label before putting it into their mouth, should do the same with their drinking water. Find out from your municipal water source exactly what’s in the water that comes out of your faucet and you just might decide you need a water filter.

8.  The water connoisseur

The popularity of home reverse osmosis systems and bottled water have made people realize that water doesn’t all taste the same! If you’re picky about how your water tastes and maybe you even have a favorite brand or two of the bottled stuff, you may want to start using a water purifier for something that tastes the way water was meant to taste!

9.  The conspiracy buff

Ahhh, there’s nothing like a good conspiracy to get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing! If you’re likely to park your car outside the municipal water plant with a pair of binoculars focused on the plant’s perimeter, looking for terrorists or other ne’er do wells, you might want to also have a portable water purifier with you. Just in case.

10.  The Survival Mom

If you’ve made the decision and commitment to keep your family safe and healthy, then having a small water purifier on hand makes a lot of sense.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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