Monday, September 2, 2013

PurifiCup Portable Water Purifier at work in Mammoth Cave, by Chad Baumer


  1. Very interesting. I'm going to have to study this a bit more. I almost always use the micropur and aqua mira tablets, but I've always wanted to try something that's faster acting (either steripen or a light filter). I'm going to have to look at this some more... either the Frontier Pro or the LifeStraw. For simplicity and reliability, what would you recommend?

    reverse osmosis
    bottled water

  2. Agreed we have just bought Best water purifier in Mumbai Our house had both kids and elderly alike often being infected with water borne infections. This was despite us using canned water which is certified and is understood safe to drink.

  3. Reverse Osmosis has a bad reputation in the Middle East, despite all the research has proven the opposite and I think the equation in this article is entirely correct